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The collection started in 1995. At that time fuelled by a passion for the red superstars of Modena, but soon other famous brands joined in like Aston, Lambo, Maser, BM, Merced... Also it was largely fuelled by the Frenc "automobile classique" magazine, a luxury glossy book, monthly record of classic 1950 to 1960s sportscars, and gorgeous photos that make totally justice to the Italian carrozeria artworks of this golden age, with names like Bertone, PininFarina, Boano, Zagato...

As years passed, the countries covered raised, as well as the models and soon goes to rarer and more obscure vehicles throughout the world. The final collection assembled that choice, but a few concept cars only, those actually in running condition, homologated and sold to a lucky few.

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The fact is i was so hooked back in the days with GT design that after making about hundreds of these classic profiles and trying to figure out their overall 3d shape i started to create designs of my own. This went as far as urging me to ask for a place in the conveted and famous Franco Sbarro Swiss car design school. Only my parents finances prevented me to follow this path and this remained as a dream ever since. Nevertheless i produced many car designs in between, even imagining a model, the Valkyria, and conversion of standard old French regular sedans and saloons into coupes with a brand new aluminium frame, fiberglass skin, only two seats (Recaro) and momo wheel, new extra-large tires, Brembo brakes, turbo fitted to the engines, a chassis much lowered, re-staged speed gear, plexiglas windshields, a lot of cutout steel parts, etc. All these modifications would have meant a loss of about 200 kgs, better cx and low-profile bodywork, and boosted engine up to 20-30% for increased performances. Of course given the services des mines drastic homologation requirements (including crash-testing several vehicles), it proved also a dream. I also contacted the Delahaye family to try to have their greenlight to resurrect the wonderful models of the 1930', and designed a modern interpretation of the Delage Aerosport as a 4 seats luxury coupe. I went as far as creating a 1/4 scale fiberglass bodywork and many drawings but it never past that stage. I also drawn a Facel-Vega GT concept car. I also drawn dozens of profiles at 1:1 scale, to test shapes on the ground of my garage trying to figure out if i can be seated in 1-meter high cars. I also drawn plans for a conversion of my own Peugeot 106, but now that i'm 40, i'm the happy owner of a marvellous Renault Laguna Coupe. Here are following in a nutshell all the designs that were not lost since.