Belgian GTs

The Batavian Speed Fest

Flemish and Walloon sports cars: Pending the establishment of a more complete nomenclature, here are the most recent models:


This manufacturer of fiberglass replicas started in the 1970s on the already well used VW chassis (for the Apal Buggy, Apal Rancho, Apal Jet, Apal Avvi, and Apal Corsa). Their best-seller included the APAL-Porsche, a replica of the exclusive Porsche Abarth, the ugly Apal Horizon GT, and better 1966 Model Apal 1200 Saloon. More recently, in 1985, the designer Charles Van der Bosch presented the Francorchamps, a remarkable Targa coupe (2 built in 1984, resembling the MERCEDES 190E). But the pinnacle remains the outrageous APAL SPORT ONE, based on the Pontiac Fiero and modified to resemble the Ferrari F50.


already holding the world record of acceleration in 1986 with a modified Donkervoort, Tony Gillet presented his car at the Brussels show of 1987. Since then, the Vertigo has carved a good reputation of a superlight "supercar" thanks to its carbon fibre body and advanced construction features.


This roadster presented by Michel Cardon, a genuine passionate, is now much lighter than its cousins ??of large series. Its refined style and friendly bouille is reminiscent of the Mazda Miata. Its production has been continuing, quietly since 1997 in Britain, because the Belgian mines department is at least as accommodating as in France, under the name of Minari Road Sport.

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Gillet Vertigo 5 Spirit
Gillet Vertigo 5 Spirit

Do you recoignised the Donkervoort ? This is the Vertigo, a Belgian light supercar.

Models of Belgian sportcars