German GTs

Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, Audi, but not only...

German sports cars? - "Porsche" you usually think. But apart from this legendary GT firm, there are mighty brands here that had produced quantities of luxury and sport models, some really exclusive. Why has automotive passion been expressed this side of the Rhine ? In Great Britain, Italy, the cloud of small sportcars brands seems to be constantly budding. But in Goethe's country, there is a certain pragmatism: Sport is just an option for "generalist" firms, which built first machines able to satisfy all needs. Mercedes is the typical example, BMW also, and Audi has gotten into late.

Mercedes 300 SLR
Mercedes 300 SLR. The star brand developed early on an appetite for competition, as much for the technological challenge and image.

But nothing is equivalent to the phenomenon peculiar to Germany alone, this tuners success. But these are not your average joe's tuning garage: Starting with models of large series, they just goes beyond the sportier and luxurious variants and goes for more tailoring and exclusivity. Famously some motorways had no speed limits, therefore most berlinas are free to reach 250Km/h (which is often not the top graduation, but a mechanical capping). Home of the sports sedan, Germany is undoubtedly that of automotive pragmatism, quiet love of engineering brio more than pure passion.

Audi S4
Audi S4. The firm really took off with the arrival of the integral transmission for its berlinas, the famous Quattro. Since it developed a quiet, "third choice" image after mighty Mercedes and Sporty, Latin-like BMW. Outside these "S" versions of most of its berlinas, hatchbacks and coupes, there at least two pure GT models like the TT and the RS2.


Small brands are also numerous, sometimes anecdotal but well present. They are the subject of the second part of this page. However, there are many different one-shot exotic models to discover as well.

German GTs By Brand


These are the subject of an entire chapter. Some can be compared to full-fledged manufacturers, others are only coach-builders. The galaxy it represents is therefore vast. Often, they are loyal to a brand, to become eventually their sport showcase or competition service. The case of AMG is particularly revealing here. Those which followed were selected for their quality as finishing specialists and tuners at the same time. When the background and the shape changes that much, and with a typical no-show-off good taste, some of these models can be considered indeed brand new. Alpina B10
Alpina B10, from a tuner dedicated to BMW.
  • ABT (Volkswagen)
  • AC Schnitzer (BMW)
  • Alpina: B10 biturbo
  • AMG: (Mercedes): See this brand. Search for models of the 70's and early 80's.
  • Before this preparer definitely joined the brand.
  • Arden (Jaguar)
  • Baur: (BMW)
  • Brabus: (Mercedes) -Brabus EV12
  • Carlsson: (Mercedes)
  • DP:
  • Elia: (Renault): Mégane Coupé
  • Geiger: (Chevrolet Corvette)
  • Gemballa: (Porsche)
  • Hamann: (BMW)
  • Hartge: (BMW) H35-24
  • Irmscher: (Opel)
  • Koenig (BMW, Mercedes, Ferrari, Porsche) -Competition Evolution, M635Csi, KS8i, C62.
  • LR: (Mercedes, Ferrari) -LR Silver Falcon
  • Mantzel:
  • Oettinger: (VW, Audi)
  • RUF: (Porsche) -CTR2 sport
  • Strosek: (Porsche)
  • Treser:
  • Zender: -Vision IV