North American GTs

Tally Ho! The great plains spirit

The United States of America has a special story with cars. Still venerated horses in 1880 justified by the great wild west spawned an unconscious hanging of freedom. Control of space, at a time when railways only existed in the east, made this animal more important than men. This fascination was transferred in the automotive field in the 1950s, with steel and dripping chrome, into an object of delusions and arrogance, of pride, provocation, road gangsterism though icon of the American culture, Drive-ins, Motoramas, Muscle cars, hot-rods, dragsters, choppers, giving off their power overflow in a noise of hell, and more recently Hispanic low-riders. Like guns, cars are the beat on which deep ol'American spirit still strives.

Cobra 427 If there is a "cowboy car" to be remembered, Shelby's Cobra 427 is perhaps the most emblematic

Paradoxically, the homeland of people's car, the Ford T, does not have true sport brands comparable to what is done on the other side of the Atlantic. The Corvette?: A Chevrolet, the Mustang?: A Ford. Nothing but segments of a wide range to meet all needs. Fortunately, tuners and replicators of more or less bad taste appeared, but also authentic sports brands. This part attests of it, as well as the direct or indirect weight of French ancestry in this story: Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac, William C. Durant, Louis Chevrolet, Tuckson Lafrance, Paul Dupont... And for the future, the US seems to be at the forefront of both the electric automotive industry and manufacturing with Tesla. Let's not forget that 100 years ago in 1907, the first electric car available on the market worldwide was American.

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U.S. Sportcars


Buick Cadillac Chevrolet Chrysler Dodge Ford Lincoln Oldsmobile Panoz Plymouth Pontiac


  • Arnolt-MG, Arnolt-Bristol, Arnolt-Aston Martin
  • AMC: Matador, Hornet, Javelin, Gremlin, AMX
  • Auburn 852 Boattail
  • Avanti II
  • Bricklin SV-1
  • Callaway C7r, C12
  • Classic Motors Carriage (CMC) Tifany, Spartan II
  • Clenet Roadster série III
  • Cord 812 Sportsman
  • De Lorean GMC
  • Duesenberg SJ 1930, Type III 1966
  • Eagle Talon turbo
  • Excalibur Phaeton, Roadster
  • Fiberfab AKA MC Amante GT, Avenger, Aztec
  • Fitch Phoenix
  • Gatsby Griffin
  • General Motors Cheetah
  • Gisser mec.IV
  • GTP Consulier
  • Guanci SJJ1
  • Leblanc Caroline
  • Manta Montage
  • Mercury Speedster Zephyr 1939, Cougar XR7, Montego, Comet, Cougar XR7 1988
  • Mosler Intruder, Raptor, MT900
  • Murena GT
  • Nemesis V8
  • Qvale mangusta
  • Thunder Ranch Riot
  • Saleen S7, SR '96, SR '00
  • Scarab Chevrolet 1958
  • Shelby GT 350 , GT 500 KR, Cobra Daytona, Série 1.
  • Stutz bearcat 1911, Bulldog 1915, Black hawk 1927, DV32 1932, Blackhawk coupé 1970
  • UVA 33 Can-Am
  • Vector W8 twinturbo, M12, WX3
  • Vokaro
  • Zeder Z-250
  • Zimmer Golden Spirit