Swedish GTs

Viking's flair

As a generator of many Rally cars, the Finns, Sweden, the richest, most extensive and industrious nation in Scandinavia, did not give birth to a plethora of models. sport. SAAB, because of its close connection with aeronautics, second activity of the house, gave birth to excellent sportsmen, real or potential, like the 92, and the Sonnett or more near us the Viggen. His coupes and cabriolets 900 had an original plastic very endearing, full of personality and equipped with turbo engines, were not left in terms of performance.

Wiser, Volvo committed the worthy coupe P1800 and closer to us the C70. But the security and the heaviness resulting from it make the latter little offensive.

A few older and more recent machines are making their first turns on these northern snows, including the extraordinary Koenigsegg, as intractable as Thor Eyerdhal was.

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Volvo P1800
The famous Volvo P1800 was made immortal by "The Saint", british TV serie

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