Canadian GTs

Cariboos under steroids

For now, the Canadian Automotive industry is exclusively supplied by major Detroit builders and Japanese brands. While the majority of sales come from the all-terrain segment, there are some isolated attempts to create a GT or an out-of-the-ordinary vehicle. The current local "Supercar", to use the well-adapted American term, is the MCV Ch.4, a squib-powered central berlinette that has been in development since 1992 and produced at least two specimens since 1998 with a GM V8 Of 400cv. It seems to have given rise only to a confidential production. A few craft companies are also worth mentioning, such as Aurora, which did not choose originality by marketing a replica of Cobra, the 289, and Timmis, which since 1968 is dedicated to releasing every year from its garage a very faithful replica Of the 1930s Ford V8-40 convertible. Hummer's replicas are also manufactured and known for the success they deserve. We can also mention the Renaissance coupe, a fine example of a retro-design in the line of Alain Clénet's cars, built in 1978 by the coachbuilder Le Vicomte Classic, in St-Sauveur des Monts, Quebec, a limited edition of 50 copies. MCV CH4.

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