granturismo: what's that ?
In the 1950s the particular category was coined by the first Italian Gentleman Drivers, driving their sportscar every day for work and racing the WE.

GranTurismo design is about the history of car design throughout the years, since the early beginning of sport and racing in the early 1900s to this day. That's thousands of models, from those barely making it from the tracks to legal roads in small quantities and coupes which shows a little above average sporty performances.

I started this unique collection as a college student and gradually stepped it up, venturing into new models, new eras and countries with new books, and the arrival of internet. The website was created, disappeared and was re-created at least five times. This is the latest (and hopefully) final version, optimized for tablet and phones. There is no database and therefore no search engine, but i hope the menu will provide a sound and rational way to quickly reach each model.

This is the reference site if you are a sportscar nerd looking for a specific model either from a nation/brand perspective or a student designer looking for inspiration in past stunning and rare automobile styles. Far from being exhaustive, technical sheets summarize the essential, the result of multiple source collections, with cross-checking and research from the Authors though the years, and claiming authenticity. The Illustrations are "classics" 1/24 scale profiles, starting from technical drawings dressed in gouache and ink. This site is constantly evolving to keep abreast of the latest concept cars released every year to the vintage stars from the golden age of the sixties, or during the flamboyant exuberances of the Roaring Twenties, always representing the "GT" spirit.