Swiss GTs

The Alpine call

The Swiss, a crossroad of French, German and Italian influences, have a road network that lends itself well to the skill of piloting on small mountain roads and hills, giving rise to original small brands which stayed in the annals. Some were daring and irreverent creations like those of Rinspeed or Franco Sbarro. Beyond that, we find in the past a golden, pre-crisis age dominated by Peter Monteverdi marrying the best of both worlds (American engine and Italian style).

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Swiss Sportcars

  • Albar (Beetle-based niceties)
  • Anliker (Tuner)
  • Blonnell (MG TF replicas)
  • Enzmann (1950s roadster)
  • Rinspeed (Porsche tuner)
  • Sbarro (design school producing concept cars each year)