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Whether one speaks of Marc Birkigt or Wifredo Ricart, one will have there the two jewels of the Spanish crown, shining in the firmament of classic and classy sport and prestige in the 30' and 50'.

HISPANO-SUIZA: The arrival of the Swiss Marc Birkigt allowed this venerable firm of 1904 to come out the most beautiful and the most luxurious cars of the Spanish History. The H6, K2, J12 and Type 68 are pure wonders that are no longer present. In recent years, the consortium that had absorbed the company has introduced a powerful rear-wheel-drive center berlinette and a sports sedan, two concept cars designed to test the opportunity for the brand to return to mass production. A very competitive niche, but a carrier, high-performance luxury cars. Presented here is the J12 Type 68 bis Coach 1936.

PEGASO: The most sporting Spaniards were born from the inspiration of the engineer Wifredo Ricart. In the early 1950s, the Z102 and Z103 were the fastest cars in the world, claiming to undermine Ferrari's superiority.

SEAT: At the present time, the Spanish sporting car landscape is a bit like the sierras that Don Quixote traveled. But a non-encouraging generalist in the 1980s, taken over by the sprawling VW group, was able to give himself a sporting image, more "Latin" within his range, well served by the very inspired pencil of Walter Da Silva. Before the salsa roadster and a coupe in the years to come, sports models of the basic models have already entered the GT club. The SEAT Leon Cupra R is obviously part of it.

Another small new manufacturer has made its appearance with small motor-driven roadsters, COMARTH. Hyundai coupé: Without being a sportive, this stylistically cut in clear progress is ostensibly closer, with the second generation (2001). More recently Velantur was revealed (startup), SEAT developed a monster, the SEAT Leon Cup Racer (350 HP) - better than the 295 hp Seat Leon Supercopa but less than the 500 hp Seat Cupra GT - or the complicated Aspid GT-21 Invictus was revealed. Also to mention: The GTA Spano, Izaro GT-E, Tramontana,

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