Australian GTs

Sportscars in Kanguru land

This far away Continent would have developed a car culture close to that of the southern states of the USA, however, the only major local manufacturer through alliances was of Germanic origin, but with strong American mechanics: Opel. Following the same policy as the Detroit giants Holden presented a "Muscle-car" in the 70s, the Monaro, just returned to the range, tamed and civilized. Second, a reinterpretation of the Chevrolet ElCamino, the Ute Pick-up sport, derived from the Calibra and equipped with a solid V8. This historical heritage is complemented by the Ascort coupe, the Buckle and especially the Bolwell, dear to the hearth of true Aussies gentlemen drivers.

Holden Monaro
Holden Monaro (HK) GTS 327, the Australian Mustang

Buckle Coupe
Buckle Coupe, a fibergass pure sportcar based on Ford Zephyr Six and Ford Zephyr Mark II parts.

Models of Australian GTs

  • Ascort coupe
  • Buckle coupe
  • Holden Monaro V8 1968 et 2001.
  • Bolwell: Ikara, Mk III, IV, V, Nagari.